Robotic Welding Automation

Robotic Welding Automation

We always try to find innovative solutions to the challenges you face in production. We think together with you to achieve the best result. We specialize in the production of all-in-one welding automation robot systems.

But above all, we offer you new and creative solutions!

Our solution consists of three components:

  • robot,
  • design of the robotic system,
  • software package.

We continue to support you from the initial quote to final implementation and throughout the lifecycle of the machine.

Robots and all components include specially designed welding processes and are developed specifically according to the requests and expectations of our customers.

Welding robot, welding machine, control, wire feed, positioners and software are therefore optimally coordinated. We know every detail and ensure the perfect integration of the welding robot into your production processes.

Fully integrated welding robot solutions include:

  • Controlling welding robots,
  • Software for programming welding robots,
  • Integrated welding power supplies,
  • Positioning units,
  • Peripheral devices,
  • Offline programming software.

Kamesh Welding offers a wide range of "standard" robotic system concepts.

With competitive prices, modular designs and short delivery times, Kamesh Welding offers high quality, flexible production solutions.

Kamesh Welding engineering team develops concepts according to your needs, aiming to achieve the highest possible production performance.

Kamesh Welding specializes in welding automation and software development for custom robotic welding and cutting systems.

The assembly of all robotic systems is centralized in our facilities, and training opportunities are provided for operators and programmers both on-site and in the field of machine usage.

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