3 Axis L Type Positioner

3 Axis L Type Positioner

Our 3 Axis machine are at our clients service with capacities of 1, 3 and 5 tons. With its downwards, upwards movement, its boom mobility and platform rotation movements, it provides ease of use for the welding operators. The machine is designed for the positioning and welding materials such as mobile crane booms, cabins, heavy duty parts etc. the actions are commanded by a wired remote as the parts can be fixed to the platform in ease via the T grooves, bored on the platform. This is an automation equipment that enable the welding works done rapidly with high quality.

Technical Specification

Technical Details KWLPOZ1000 KWLPOZ3000 KWLPOZ5000
Rated Load Capacity  (KG) 1000 3000 5000
Mak.Work Piece Diameter (MM) 1500 1500 3250
Table Diameter  (MM) 1150 1250 1350
Table Rotation Method  Hydraulic  Hydraulic  Hydraulic 
Crank Rotation Method  Hydraulic  Hydraulic  Hydraulic 
Tabla Rotation Speed (RPM) 0,15-1,5 0,1-1 0,078-0,78
Dimension (MM) 2500x2850x1000 2500x3000x1200 4300x3400x1760
Weight  (Kg) 2550 3600 10300
Color  Red -Grey Red -Grey Red -Grey


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