Welding Frame Machine

Welding Frame Machine

The Kamesh Welding Frame Welding Machine is designed for the truck chassis’ and for the bar joists with different types and sizes. The system is comprised of the chassis-fastening fixture (table), chassis press apparatus (the centering connector) and the chassis welding apparatus (welding connector). The welding area tracking of the system is made possible by a mechanical tracking system. Thanks to the Frame Welding Machine, a single operator may track a dual sided welding at the same time and the result is a high quality welding. According to the client requirements, submerged arc welding or gas metal arc welding methods can be utilized. Custom welding machines for chassis welding can be designed based on the client requests.

Weldable Frame Width (mm) Weldable Frame Plate Height (mm) Weldable Frame Length (mm)
110 - 640 100 - 180 15 000

Technical Specification

Technical Details KWSKM-18000
Base flange Widht (MM) 120-350
Top Flange Widht (MM) 120-350
Profile Body Widht (MM) 200-1000
Profile Body Thickness Kalınlık (MM) 5-20 mm
Top flange Thickness (MM) 5-30
H Beam Lenght Applicable (MM) 18000
Lenght  (MM) 21000
Widht  (MM) 1750 
Weight (KG) 17500
Weldign Method  Mig Mag /SAW
Work Sealing System  Hydraulic cylinder 
Color Red-Grey


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