Longitudinal Welding Machine

Longitudinal Welding Machine

Longitudinal Welding Machine: Longitudinal Welding Machine is designed to provide Longitudinal Welding for parts that are bent in the forms of
cylindrical, conical and rectangular as well as the sheet metals in the form of plates. Parts with the diameter of 100 – 3000 mm
can easily be welded on different machine types. Machine with internal and external welding feature is manufactured with
lengths ranging from 1 meter to 4 meters. For certain special conditions the machine length may increase as well. Right now the
parts with maximum thickness of 0,60 mm can be welded. The thickness may go up to 20-25mm for the submerged welding
applications. The longidutinal welding of the material and items such as the boilers, bath heaters, solar energy boilers, cooling
tanks, natural gas chimneys, LPG tanks etc are mode on this machine. The welding systems such as submerged, gas metal and
TIG work in sync with our machine.

Technical Specification

Technical Details KWBKM-1000 KWBKM-1500 KWBKM-2000 KWBKM-3000
Work Pieces Diameter (Min.Max/MM) 100-650 150-650 250-800 350-800
Work pieces Lenght  (MM) 1000 1500 2000 3000
Metarial Tichkness  (MM) 0,6-10 0,6-10 0,6-10 1-10
Pressing Power (BAR) 8 8 8 8
Input Power  380V-50 Hz 380V-50 Hz 380V-50 Hz 380V-50 Hz
Welding Speed  (MM/Dak) 0-2000 0-2000 0-2000 0-2000
free Speed (MM/Dak) 3000 3000 3000 3000
Dimension  (MM) 2100x2000x1200 2700x2100x1200 3250x2500x1200 4250x2500x1200
Color  Red - Black Red - Black Red - Black Red - Black 
Welding Method  Tig /Migmag/Saw Tig /Migmag/Saw Tig /Migmag/Saw Tig /Migmag/Saw
Weight KG 1200 1600 2350 3000


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