Parallel Hydraulic Welding Positioner

Parallel Hydraulic Welding Positioner

Structure of the hydraulic adjustable welding positioners is designed according to the most suitable configuration for the rotation and the angular tilting of the table. Unlite to others, the height is also adjustable in these positioners while working on the parts. So the operators can work more efficiently. Operators can rotate the piece mounted on the rotating table of positioner clockwise or counterclockwise. This can be achieved with precision on the control panel. They can also be tilted forward to provide the desired angle. Standard "T" grooves are available on the rotating table. Thus, quick clamping of the workpiece is enabled. Table rotation and tilting are realized through steel spur gear transmission systems

Technical Specification

Technical Details KWPOZ1000 KWPOZ3000 KWPOZ5000
Lated Load Capacity (KG) 1000 3000 5000
Rated Center Of Gravity(MM) 150 150 150
Table Rotation Degree(º ) 360 360 360
Tilt Direction Front Front Front
Rated Tilt Torgue(º ) 120 120 120
Input Power 380 v -50 Hz  380 v -50 Hz  380 v -50 Hz 
Tilt Motor (KW) 0,55 0,75 1,1
Table Diameter (MM) 1000 1150 1250
T Slots M16 Hole x 4 M16 Hole x 4 M16 Hole x 4
Dimension (MM) 1850x1150x1150 2000x1250x1250 2200x1350x1350
Weight (KG) 1450 1850 2500
Color Red - Black Red - Black Red - Black


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