Circular Welding

Circular Welding

Circular Welding Machine; This machine is mainly composed of a machine bed, a rotating spindle box, a beam, a pneumatic tailstock,
a welding torch pneumatic lifting mechanism, a welding torch adjusting mechanism and automatic welding
controller. The machine can be used for automatic welding of all kinds of ring welds with a suitable welding power
source. This equipment is mainly used for high quality circumferential seam welding of workpieces of different
materials, sizes and shapes. These machines are widely used for welding products such as gas cylinders, drive
shafts, shock absorbers, mufflers, pipe flanges, hydraulic cylinders, water tanks, fuel tanks. The machine can be
installed with more than two welding torches according to the customer's needs and welded at the same time.

Technical Specification

Technical Details  KWDKM-1000 KWDKM-1500 KWDKM-2000 KWDKM-3000
Metarial Diameter  (Min.Max/MM) 100-650 100-650 100-650 100-650
Workpiece Lenght  (MM) 1000 1500 2000 3000
Convertor  Motor (KW) 0,37 0,37 0,37 0,37
Bevel Drive Diameter  (MM) 200 200 200 200
Center Type  5 mors 5 Mors 5 Mors 5 Mors
Meterial Weight  (KG) 400 400 600 800
Dimension (MM) 1350x2200x1500 1350x2900x1500 1350x3750x1600 1350x4750x1600
Color Red - Black  Red - Black Red - Black Red - Black
Weldign Method  Tig /Migmag/Saw Tig /Migmag/Saw Tig /Migmag/Saw Tig /Migmag/Saw


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