Boom Welding System

Boom Welding System

Boom Welding System; Boom welding machine is generally used for welding of mobile crane booms. Boom is fixed by hydraulic
clamps, which enable easy holding of the booms on the machine. This prevents boom from twisting or bending during welding. It can be controlled by plc screen on the machine. The machine has a horizontal slide system and the hydraulic jaws integrated to this system ensure that the workpieces remain vibration-free and stable. In this way, the boom welding machine moves and welds to the sections chosen by operator.

Technical Specification

Tecnical Details KSKM 18
Flange Width (MM) 110-1000
Top Flange Widht (MM) 100-700
Web Height 200-1000
Web Thicness 5-40
Top Flange Thickness (MM) 5-40
Beam Lenght (MM) 18000
Lenght (MM) 21000
Widht (MM) 2200
Height (MM) 3200
Weight (KG) 1800
Color Red - Black

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