What is Welding?

Depending on the type of material on which welding will be applied, it is considered as metal welding and plastic material welding. Our area of interest is metal welding. So what is metal welding? Combining metallic material using heat or pressure or both, and with or without adding a material of the same type or with the same or approximate melting range, is called metal welding. If an additional material is used to join two parts, this material is called filler metal.

Types of Welding in Industry

The most commonly used welding methods are; Electrode (Arc) Welding Gas Welding Submerged Arc Welding Solder Welding Rice Source Solid State Source These methods are one of the most used welding types. The work we do is thanks to the machines of these welding types; To increase quality by eliminating human error and loss of time.

Boom Welding (Column Boom System)

Bom is a tool used by many sectors in the industry. While it is a product with a very high workload due to its length, material weight and thickness, all these handicaps have been eliminated thanks to our solution-oriented systems. Please contact us to get detailed information and find a solution to your problem.

Column Boom Systems

Our column boom systems, which are automatic and designed according to your needs using software, will save you from a huge workload and highlight the quality in your work. Our standard column boom systems start from 1x1 m; It is produced up to 5x5 m. However, if your needs are outside these standards, you are not helpless when it comes to boiling. Please contact us for our special designs and solutions.